The wines of the château

La Chapelle Paul Jaboulet
Appellation Hermitage (Rhône)

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Surface: 125 hectares of vineyards

Production: 90000 bottles

Geology : Rich soils composed of granitic arena covered with micaschist and gneiss

Grape varieties : 100% Syrah

Maturing : oak barrels

Antoine Jaboulet founded his company in 1834, in Tain-l’Hermitage. His sons Paul and Henri succeeded him, then it was the turn of Louis, Paul’s son. Then came Gérard, Louis’ son, and finally, from 1997, Michel Jaboulet, Gérard’s cousin, who took over the reins of the estate until 2006 when the house was bought by the Frey group, owner of vineyards in Champagne and Bordeaux. It is oenologist Caroline Frey who now manages a house with a reputation that was already established but which is serenely returning to an excellent level.

Since 2013, the Jaboulet vineyard is officially in conversion to organic farming.

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