Wines of Chateau

Appellation Bordeaux

En chiffres

Encépagement : Rouge : 83 % Merlot, 10 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 7 % Cabernet Franc – Rosé : 40 % Merlot, 30 % Cabernet Franc et 40 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Domaine Clarence Dillon has the unique privilege of producing five rare and exceptional estate wines of unequalled reputation as well as their second wines. Domaine Clarence Dillon’s expertise, founded on five centuries of history, is reflected in every wine produced by the estate. In 2005, seventy years after Clarence Dillon’s arrival, his great-grandson, Prince Robert de Luxembourg, began writing a new chapter of the Dillon family’s history by establishing Clarence Dillon Wines to produce and sell the first premium brand wine in Bordeaux: “Clarendelle”. Inspired by Clarence Dillon’s name, Clarendelle’s mission is to pursue the heritage of perfection left by this great man and it is a tribute to the first member of the family to settle in Bordeaux.

Through the creation of Clarendelle, Clarence Dillon Wines and Domaine Clarence Dillon wish to shed a new light on the tremendous potential and savoir faire of this region, that have made it a benchmark for the entire world. With this outstanding terroir, passionate and qualified men and women, and an expertise handed down over centuries, all the necessary ingredients were there for the creation of a top-end Bordeaux brand.

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