Château Guiraud
1st Cru Classé en 1855
Appellation Sauternes


Surface: 100 hectares

Production : 100 000 bottles

Geology : sandy gravel and clayey gravel

Grape varieties : 65% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon

Ageing : 18 to 24 months in 60% new barrels

The “Maison Noble du Bayle”, the first name of Château Guiraud, was owned by the de Mons de Saint Poly family. On 22 February 1766 Pierre Guiraud, a Protestant merchant from Bordeaux, bought the property for 53,000 pounds. On his death in 1799, he bequeathed the estate to his son Louis. He turned Bayle into a great estate and above all a great wine, rescuing it from the devaluation it had suffered since 1793.

In 1837, the estate he bequeathed to his son Pierre-Aman was worth 250,000 francs. It is with this last succession that Bayle leaves the Guiraud family, even though its value had tripled in less than forty years. In 80 years and three generations, Guiraud has become a prestigious grand cru, consecrated in 1855 as a 1er cru in the imperial classification. On 20 July 2006, Guiraud was taken over by four personalities, an industrialist, Robert Peugeot, and three winemakers, Olivier Bernard, Stephan Von Neipperg and Xavier Planty. The meeting of these four people at a dinner in Paris was the founding event of the new team.

Their shared passion for wine, gastronomy, nature, hunting and the art of living meant that they quickly agreed on the quality ethic and philosophy of the cru. Guiraud is in good hands for a long time.

Environmental approach: Certified organic farming since the 1990s