The wines of the château

Château de Birazel Romane

Appellation Bordeaux White

In figures

Surface: 1.56ha

Production: 11,500 bottles

Geology : Clay-limestone and gravelly slopes

Grape varieties : 70% Semillon, 15% Sauvignon blanc, 15% Sauvignon gris

Maturing : Fermentation at low temperature in new barrels for 40% and in ovoid “Diamante” vats for 60%. Aged on fine lees in their container for 6 months.

The de Birazel family occupied the château until it was sold in 1837. It then passed through the hands of prominent local personalities, doctors and officers, until Paul Boeckx and Nicole Smits acquired the estate in 2017. The oldest part of the existing castle is its majestic tower, built in the 12th century to keep an eye on the surroundings and prevent possible external threats. The castle was part of a network of fortresses that communicated with each other by means of light signals and carrier pigeons. The present building was built around 1840 from a large square castle probably built in the 17th century, with an adjacent mill. The old watchtower has been preserved. In 1661, it is mentioned as being part of a fief offered to the noble Jean de Birazel, “squire and first jurat of La Réole”.

Environmental approach: Organic certification in 2025 – 2026.