Château Chantegrive
Appellation Graves Blanc


Surface: 96 hectares of vines (red and white)

Production :Red : 210 000 bottles. White: 80,000 bottles

Geology: coarse gravel and layers of medium and fine sand on a clay-limestone subsoil

Grape varieties: 40% Semillon – 60% Sauvignon Blanc

Ageing: White: 9 months New barrels: White: 50

Françoise and Henri were what you might call “a power duo”. They were a passionate couple, visionaries and wine lovers. They believed in this magnificent Graves terroir, which is what made them decide to sell their precious stamp collection to acquire their first two hectares.

In 1985, Château de Chantegrive became a member of the prestigious Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux. It brings together classified and non-classified growths, judged to be the highest quality in the Gironde. The objective is to federate energies and produce great wines – Know-how and know-how.

We are building a large-scale cellar for the maturing of our great red wines, with a capacity of up to 600 barrels. Our red Graves are vinified in 225L to 300L French oak barrels for 12 to 18 months. Only the L’Origine vintage is matured in stainless steel vats.

In 1988, we decided to innovate and to implement the so-called “Burgundian” techniques of fermentation, ageing and lees stirring of the white wines in oak barrels at Chantegrive. Cuvée Caroline was born and pioneered a technique that is now used in most of the Grands Crus of Bordeaux. Over the years, Caroline has become the buttery Proust’s madeleine for many tasters around the world, and is our flagship wine.

Ten years after the creation of our iconic cuvée, we are building a winery dedicated to Caroline. With a capacity of 300 barrels, it is our “gallery of delights”. Come and visit us during fermentation and enjoy the sweet white peach and nectarine aromas that waft from our oak caskets.

The wine estate received a real boost in 2006 thanks to the sound advice of Mr Hubert de Boüard, oenologist and owner of the famous Château Angélus, in Saint-Emilion. His detailed analysis of our winemaking and maturing methods, as well as his perspective, enabled us to achieve a significant degree of precision.

Limiting the impact of production on the environment has always been a priority at Château de Chantegrive. In July 2017, HVE 3 certification was awarded as proof of the work done and the desire to continuously improve the environmental performance of the estate.

Our work was rewarded with the “Ambassadeur de Graves” label, which is a unique approach to excellence in France. Its ambition is to highlight wines that bear witness to the know-how and excellence of the winegrowers of the appellation.
This innovative selection in the world of wine, combines the evaluation of the property on criteria such as respect for the environment or the quality of the reception of the public, with a tasting carried out by panels of a hundred consumers and supervised by a sensory analysis institute. These wines are selected BY and FOR wine lovers.