Château Petit Bocq
Appellation Médoc


Surface area: 19.4 Ha

Production : 110 000 bottles of products

Grape varieties : 50 % Merlot, 48 % Cabernet Sauvignon 2 % Petit Verdot

Ageing: 12 to 14 months with traditional fining with egg white at the end of the ageing process

100% in fine French oak barrels, 40% of which are new (12 coopers)

The year 1972 saw the birth of the first bottle of Saint-Estèphe labelled under the brand name “Château Petit Bocq”. The fruit of a vineyard of barely two hectares ideally oriented towards the Gironde in the localities of “Le Puy” and “Marbuzet”, the wine shone with the finesse of Merlot which, at the time, largely dominated the blend (80%).

The property was acquired in August 1993 by Doctor Gaëtan Lagneaux, a great wine enthusiast since his early youth. He worked tirelessly and very effectively to expand the vineyard and improve the quality of the wine.

Château Petit Bocq was recognised as a “Cru Bourgeois Supérieur” in the 2003 classification. Its label was reworked and the emblematic ladybird, the good luck charm that still characterises it today, appeared. The 2003 classification was repealed following a court decision obtained by winegrowers who had not been classified, but since 2009, the “Cru Bourgeois” label has been re-established and Château Petit Bocq is proudly part of it.

A brand new team has been formed to fine-tune the work of the vineyard and the wine and to guarantee the estate an even more promising destiny in memory of the work accomplished by Doctor Gaëtan Lagneaux.